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Activity of JSC «Farg'onaazot». as the largest producer of mineral fertilizers and other chemical products based on compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of consumer protection, environmental protection. Quality Policy and the Environment is an essential strategy chastyuobschey JSC «Farg'onaazot» and aims:

on the full promotion and strengthening of the authority of the enterprise by further enhancing competitiveness of their products in domestic and foreign markets;
to fully meet the demands of production;
to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
Our current goals:

maintenance and improvement of the integrated management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 14001: 2004;

increase in manufacture of and planned improvement of results and performance;

Organization of safe working conditions;

In accordance with this Policy of JSC «Farg'onaazot», assumes the following obligations:

• conduct its activities on the basis of the requirements of laws, regulations

and rules to ensure the competitiveness of products by

recognition of its high quality regional and international level;

participation of all company personnel in the performance of a declared policy, plan and implement the necessary measures to eliminate and reduce potential inconsistencies with the established requirements;
ensure continuous training of staff, promotion of staff involved in the search for new solutions, develop innovative techniques in the manufacture of the product;
cooperate in all areas of economic activity with the authorities to communicate with the supervisory authorities and international organizations;
reduce to a minimum the negative impact on the environment, constantly observe technological regulations, ensure the reduction:
emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere;
wastewater discharges to the municipal sewer system;
production and consumption waste resulting from activities of the enterprise;
implement measures to prevent accidents, reduce the likelihood of risks and hazards in the production, preservation of life and health of workers at the incidents and accidents;
ensure processes of the integrated management system necessary labor, financial and other resources to promote their development and continuous improvement.

Chairman of the Board of JSC «Farg'onaazot»: Salijanov A. T.

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