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In 1958, in Fergana, the government decided to build a factory for the production of nitrogen fertilizers and, through hard work, in September 1962 the first product, ammonium nitrate, was produced.

Since then, it's been 50 years - half a century. These were the years of really intense and hard work, great creativity, continuous research, learning and growth.

Today, the open joint-stock company "Fargonaazot" is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the structure of "Uzkimyosanoat". The factory’s products not only meet the demand for agricultural products, but also are exported to foreign countries.

In particular, during the years of independence, there was a significant growth and development of the company in all sectors and spheres. Thanks to the merits of the first president of our country, I.A. Karimov, the chemical industry began its development on the basis of modern equipment and technologies for a set period of time. For the years of independence here, the production department of the defoliant of magnesium chlorate, which meets the international environmental standards, has started its work. Also, shops for the production of ammonium nitrate and concentrated nitric acid have been completed and put into operation.



Production of ammonium nitrate in combination with the production of nitric acid


The first plant of ammonia production


Air separation plant


According to the “Gosniihlorproject” (Moscow)on production of sodium chlorate and magnesium chlorate defoliant were put into operation


According to the project of GIAP (Moscow) the second plant of production of ammonia and the second plant of production of ammonium nitrate in combination with units of production of nitric acid were put into operation

1978-80 y.

Reconstruction of magnesium chlorate defoliant


According to the project of the Institute of Chirchik "Uzkimesanoatloyiha" the unique technological design purchased from the company "Tehnimont", Italy, the production of acetate and cellulose diacetate was put into operation


Built and commissioned a large-capacity unit of ammonia AM-76


Was put into operation the usage of urea production technology of the company "Stamicarbon" Netherlands


Completion of the reconstruction of the production of sodium chlorate and magnesium chlorate defoliant, in tandem with the supply of technology and equipment from "Technip E-ECI" France, with the creation of a unified system of aggregate production process with an automated control system


Commi£ssioned environmentally friendly production of ammonium nitrate concentrated nitric acid


Reconstruction with elements of the overhaul and refurbishment of large-scale machine

AM 76


Chemical yarns plant joined. (Ferghana chemical yarns Plant)

2012-15 y.

Implementation of the project "Reconstruction and modernization of urea and ammonium nitrate"



Authorized  capital -78 698 655 640 sum. The authorized fund is divided into 31 106 188 units. 2530 shares with a nominal sum, including 30 783 424 ordinary shares and 322 764 preference shares.
Among them: The share of JSC «O'zkimyosanoat» (26,46%) – 8 230 524 units of ordinary shares. Share SUE «Davlat aktivlarini boshqarish markazi» (72,5%) – 22 552 900 units of ordinary shares. Other shareholders (1.04%) – 322 764 units of preferred shares.
The number of shareholders registered in the register - 5172 (6 of them legal), including: The number of shareholders included in the list of shareholders entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting- 5172.
Information on the major shareholders holding who own more than 5% of the voting shares of the company - the GKI of Uzbekistan. Share of SUE «Davlat aktivlarini boshqarish markazi» (72,5%) – 57 058 837 000 sum. Share of JSC«O'zkimyosanoat» (26,46%) – 20 823 225 720 sum. The goverment representatives - SUE «Davlat aktivlarini boshqarish markazi» and GAK «O'zkimyosanoat».
Organizational and legal structure
Organizational and legal structure of JSC «Farg'onaazot» is a three-tier management structure, which is headed by General Meeting of Shareholders.
The structure of the company's management
The highest person in the executive body of the Company is the Chairman of the Management Board, aims and objectives of which are determined in accordance with the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders.
Management now is carried out by the Management Board.
The Board consists of:
- Chairman of the Board;
- First Deputy Chairman of the Board;
- The director of marketing, sales, procurement and international cooperation;
- Production Director;
- Director of Finance;
- Director of Logistics;
- Director of Social Welfare Officer;
- Chief Accountant;
- Head of Treasury and Finance;
- Head of the Department for Social Welfare Officer;
- Counsel.
Audit of financial and economic activity of the enterprise is carried out by the internal audit service. The Internal Audit Service reports to the Supervisory Board.
The above administrative directors report to the First Deputy Chairman.
Chief Accountant, Head of Treasury and Finance report to the Director of Finance.
Head of the Department for Social Welfare Officer submits the reports to the Director of Social Welfare Officer.
Chief Legal Counsel obeys to the head of legal service. The Legal Service obeys to the Chairman of the Board.
Service director of marketing, sales, procurement and international co-operation consists of: Sales Department, the Office for the procurement, brand management and advertising, warehousing.
Service Director of Operations consists of: The service of production control of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities; Coordination Division and localization; Division of scientific and technological development; Service for labor protection, technical safety and the environment; chief mechanic; energetic; office of Information and communication technologies (ICT), automated process control system (APCS) and metrology; quality control and compliance with standards; Office of Capital Construction and repair of buildings, structures; Design and engineering department; Technical Supervision Division; industrial and technological plants.
Service Director of Finance consists of: Service of the Treasury and Finance, Economic Analysis, organization of labor and wages, monitoring contractual obligations, the Strategic Planning and Business Development, Accounts.
The department for Logistics consists of: logistics division, railway workshop, motor workshops, and automobile gas-filling stations.
Service Director for the regime and work with the staff consists of custodial department, militarized guard (MG), the First Division, Second Division, and the Service of Human Resources.
The department for Social Welfare consists of the Division for Social Welfare and work with the public, the newspaper printing, the Culture center, Hostels, Children's Health Center (summer camp), Medical diagnostic department, Livestock, Household department, Administrative service department, Public Catering, women's councils.
To the Chairman of the Board of Directors except the general director obeys: Management of Development and Investment, Management of corporate relations with shareholders, quality control department, the Legal Service, the Service for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, representative office in Tashkent, the department control over executive discipline, Office- Manager, Concierge.

As of 01.01.2015, the average number of employees is 7,767 people.

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