Ру O`z En

The company is divided into 3 main complexes: 

 1. Production of mineral fertilizers: large-capacity aggregate of ammonia AM-76, production of concentrated nitric acid NA-72M and ammonium nitrate AN-72M, production of urea;

 2. Production of sodium chlorate and magnesium chlorate defoliant;

 3. Production of cellulose esters and thread acetate.

Besides that, there are operating workshops like workshop for the production of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer NPhF, liquid fertilizer (KAS), liquid nitrogen and calcium fertilizer, fertilizer for greenhouse “Darmon”, sodium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate, polyethylene bags for packaging of fertilizers and others.

There are also workshops and units dealing with fuel and energy supply and repair of these basic productions.

With the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from 19.04.2012 №115 of the enterprises of JSC «Uzkimyosanoat» is systematically implementing projects on decommissioning and renewal of obsolete equipment with replacement of the modern and proven globally.

In 2014, «Farg'onaazot» JSC made replacement of 237 pieces of equipment in the amount of 8.4 million US dollars.

In 2015, the company carried out the replacement of 176 pieces of equipment in the amount of 5.0 million US dollars.

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