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Analysis of the investment attractiveness of the project

Performance indicators of the investment project:

- Net present value of the project income (NPV) - 132.7 million dollars;

- Yield index or profitability index (PI) -3, 3;

- Internal rate of return (IRR) on the project - 28.4%;

Financial performance for the entire period of the project:

- Net revenue from sales – 2559.2 million dollars.

- Cost of sales - 1697.9 million dollars.

- Gross profit - 861.3 million dollars.

- Expenses of the period - 492.3 million dollars.

- Expenses for financial activities - 31.8 million dollars.

- Profit before income taxes - 337.2 million dollars..

- Profit tax, other taxes and fees from profits - 39.4 million dollars.

- Net profit -297.8 million dollars.

Results from the project implementation:

- Increase in annual production of ammonia at 50.0 tons of urea to 30.0 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate to 62.0 thousand tons of nitric acid per 50.0 tons....

- Additional foreign exchange earnings in the amount of 443.7 million dollars.

Analysis of the major risks

- Technological risks

The increase in output to the design capacity does not contain technological risks.

- Environmental risks

Upgraded production belongs to the 1st category of environmental risk (high risk).

In carrying out all environmental measures laid down in the project, and compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the operation, the degree of environmental risk in the operation of the modernized production corresponds to the allowable value, and the negative effects on the environment are estimated as moderate.

Operation of the complex of modernized production is also associated with the risk of emergency situations. On the projected production is possible fires and explosions, the formation of a cloud of toxic gas, filling of toxic liquids, as well as maintenance personnel injuries.

Expected emergency situations are not potentially hazardous, and possible accidents are not considered major, except for an accident at a liquid ammonia storage facility.

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