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According to the resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 28.04.2015 №PP-2340 about "On measures to increase the proportion of the value of private property and the economy", in order to promote foreign investment, the level and the role of private ownership in the national economy that is cardinally increased through the deepening the processes of privatization and selling to private investors, primarily to foreign ones, and the state's share of assets in the authorized capital of enterprises and on this basis to ensure the modernization and technological renovation, organization of production of competitive products on the domestic and external markets, JSC “Farg'onaazot” has been approved into the list of joint stock companies, where the share of state and economic management bodies are subject of realization by strategic foreign investors.

         Based on the resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan #PP-1623 from October 4th, 2011 about "On the Program of priority measures to increase production volumes and the development of new types of competitive products", as well as, in accordance with the Resolution of  President of the Republic of Uzbekistan #PP-2264 from November 17th, 2014 , "The investment program of Uzbekistan for 2015", the company has been implementing the project on "Reconstruction and modernization of urea and ammonium nitrate."

         The project implementation will increase the capacity of production of nitrogen fertilizers, reduce energy consumption and thereby, reduce their net cost, ensure the competitiveness of fertilizer production of JSC “Farg'onaazot”.

          Due to increasing the consumption of fertilizers in the country and in the world, the implementation of the above mentioned project by modernization and replacement of outdated nodes has a great importance in the development of JSC “Farg'onaazot”.


             Management of analysis of production costs, reduction in cost and resource-saving.

The main tasks of the management are:

- a comprehensive analysis of the activities of enterprises and their units to ensure the reduction of production costs, reduce the cost of production, save and more efficient use of raw materials, materials and fuel and energy resources (FER) of enterprises, with the formation and use of information, material, financial and organizational measures, aimed at the effective management of consumption and consumption processes;

- coordination of works on deep analysis of the factors affecting the level of raw materials, materials and energy costs, with a view to more rational use of production capacities, material and labor resources, increasing economic efficiency and profitability of production, contributing in general to reducing the cost of products produced by chemical enterprises;

-development of a set of specific measures to drastically reduce costs through the organization of competent control and accounting for the consumption of raw materials, materials and fuel and energy resources, using modern automated control systems, the introduction of modern resource and energy-saving technologies and equipment;

- wide introduction of effective methods to reduce production costs.

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