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Organizational and legal structure

            The organizational and legal structure of JSC "Farg'onaazot" is a three-level management structure, at the head of which is the General Meeting of Shareholders.

            Structure of the production of the company: The highest person in the executive body of the Company is the Chairman of the Management Board of the company whose goals and tasks are determined in accordance with the requirements of the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Management of the company is carried out by the management of society.

 Management Board consists of:

- Chairman of the Board;

- First Deputy Chairman of the Board;

- Director of Marketing, Sales, Procurement and International Cooperation;

- Production Director;

- Director of Finance;

- Director of Logistics;

- Director of Social-household issues;

- Chief Accountant;

- Director of treasury and finance service

- Director of Social-household issues;

- Legal counsel.

The audit of the financial and economic activities of the company is carried out by the Internal Audit Service. The Internal Audit Service reports to the Supervisory Board.

The aforementioned directors obey the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

Chief Accountant, Head of Treasury and Finance obey the director of finance.

The Head of Social-household issues reports to the Director of Social-household issues.

Legal counsel obeys the Head of the law service. Law service obeys the Chairman of the management board.

The Director's Service for Marketing, Sales, Procurement and International Cooperation consists of: sales management, procurement management, brand management and advertising services, storage facilities.

            The service of the director for production consists of:  industrial control service of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities; department of production coordination and localization; department of scientific and technical development; labor protection, technical safety and environment; service chief mechanic; service of the chief power engineer; management of information and communication technologies (ICT), automated control system of technological process (ACSTP) and metrology; quality control and compliance services; management of capital construction and repair of buildings and structures; design and engineering department; Department of Technical Supervision; production and technological shops.

            The Service of the Director for Finance consists of: the Treasury and Finance Service, the Economic Analysis Service: the Labor Organization and Wages Service: the Contractual Compliance Department: the Strategic Planning and Business Development Department, the Accounting Department.

            The Service of the Director for Logistics consists of: Logistics Service, Railway Department, Motor Transport Department, and Automobile Gas-filling Station.

            Service Director for the regime and work with personnel consists of: the Regime Division, the Militarized Protection, the First Department, the Second Division, the Human Resources Service.

            The Service of the Director for Social and Household Affairs consists of: the Department for Social and Public Affairs, Publications of the Newspaper, the Palace of Culture, the Hostel, the Children's Health Center, the Medical and Health Diagnostic Department, the Livestock Complex, the Economic Department, the Administrative and Economic Department, Workshops of working food and the Women's Council.

            The following are subordinate to the Chairman of the Board, except for directors on a vertical: the Office for Prospective Development and Investments, the Office of Corporate Relations with Shareholders, the Technical Control Department, the Legal Service, the Civil Protection and Emergency Services Service, the Tashkent Representative Office, the Department for Control of Performance Discipline, manager and Chancellery.         

The average number of employees of the enterprise as of 01.01.2016 is 7 399 people.


Number of employees

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